Are you looking to overcome a long dependency on alcohol or any other drugs? If your problem is chronic, then you need a fully residential drug detox program that helps you both physically and psychologically. If you are aspiring to have a Sober life in Austin then you have many choices. When it comes to the facilities available in these residential centres, Eudaimonia Homes is one of the best, if not the best in the state.

Convenient Location & Easy Access

When choosing your sober life home, the location and accessibility of the centre is of primary importance. If you don’t need residential care, then you might have to go to the centre for regular sessions. So, the ease of travel and convenience of the location is important.

Another aspect of the same is the ambience in the location. If the centre is located in a heavily crowded neighbourhood, then you will not be able to have a peaceful recovery process.

Fully Furnished Homes & Rooms

Furnished homes are very important for a comfortable stay in sober homes. It should come furnished with important furniture, kitchen and ample space for your personal needs. At Eudaimonia Homes, we have fully furnished homes and rooms that have personal spaces. Even if you want to go with a shared accommodation, we have gender-specific partitions in the centre. We have specialised apartments for men, women and LGBTQ houses to provide you with the best peer support.

Amenities Like Cable, TVs, & Wi-Fi

When you opt for the residential care in the centre, you should have all the important amenities in the centre. Modern life requires modern amenities like a TV with cable connection. In today’s world, internet facilities and Wi-Fi are very important to stay connected with your friends and family. This is why, at our drug rehab Austin, we provide all these to our clients.

There are also media centres where you can enjoy the shows and programs in a community setting.

Availability of Fitness & Community Centres

At Eudaimonia Homes, we have a fully equipped fitness centre to cater to your exercising and workout needs. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body and in most cases, physical workouts help in recovery of drug addiction. Find the state of the art gymnasium at our premises.

We also have community centres where you can meet people who share the addiction. Speaking with others and asking for their support in your journey helps you to recover faster.

Pet-Friendly Homes & Facility for Family Detox

At Eudaimonia Homes, we provide a safe and secure environment not just for you but for your family and pets too. Our facility will happily take your pets. Pets often help in the recovery. Pets are a responsibility and hence makes you understand the importance of recovery and aid you in the addiction treatment. So, what are you waiting for? Join our alcohol detox Austin Texas centre now and get over your addiction. Become a happy & healthy individual today.