Hahis new fad is taking over the fitness world forve you got into the new trend of online running? Because if you haven’t yet, you’re missing out. T the better and people are loving it. If you want to get into this exciting new world, install the latest and the best app for the purpose, Vingo. The app is filled with a lot of new tech and features that are bound to turn your treadmill time more adventurous. But, before we get into how the app works, let’s face the question,

What is Online Running?

You might have heard of Indoor running, where you set up your treadmill on a comfortable spot in your house and start running on it for a few days. A few days later you will watch your trusty old treadmill turn into a cloth stand or into a dust collecting corner.

Vingo is the app that was developed to change all that. This app is meant to make your treadmill time more interesting, thereby helping you to get running every day. By getting into the app, you can enter the virtual world of fitness where thousands of people come together every day and work-out without getting bored. Now, you might also ask,

How is it Better than Regular Running?

Well, in regular running, you have to go outdoors every morning, find a good stretch of road to run on. You need to check if it is safe to run there, is it clean and smoke free, safe and so on. You buy a set of tracksuits, get your Ear Pods ready, and then set out to run. With treadmills in the picture, it got a bit more interesting too, you didn’t have to buy your own treadmill, you could hit a gym instead. But, even if you manage to get a good pair of trainer shoes to motivate you, there will come a time when you get bored of your runs too, right?

This is where Vingo gives a twist. With thousands of virtual locations and maps in the app, you will never get bored while running on a treadmill again. This psychological support is what makes it better than regular running.

Why You Need ANT+ Sensors for Your Treadmill

Vingo is equipped with some of the coolest tech available right now. A good example is the ANT+ sensors, which precisely monitors your movement on your treadmill and adjusts the scenery before you. But before that, you need to install the Online running app on your smart device and connect the device with your treadmill. This can be done via Bluetooth easily.

Tracking helps not only in understanding the workout pattern but also keeps you motivated.

Importance of Using an App

Vingo is more than a running app; it is a biking app too. You can use it with your exercise bike and go on online cycling adventures with your friends and family.

So, what are you waiting for? Get into this exciting world.