The purpose of a diet meal is to provide an adequate and balanced nutritional intake. To determine this intake, the food and beverage selections should match the desired nutritional profile and taste. The nutritional profile of each food is represented by a numerical value that reflects the average nutritional value of the diet. The Foodworks Professional Dietary Software V9 in Australia and Queensland allows users to enter individual ingredients and substitutes. The software can also calculate the cost and nutrition profile of a full diet pattern. The program is supported by data collected from NHMRC and Eat for Health websites.

Some diet meal delivery services include a meal replacement shake, which is a nutritionally balanced drink. They are also calorie-controlled and cost $7.93 per meal. The shakes are delivered fresh and are reheatable for use in a single day or a week. However, if you are concerned about food safety, you can also choose to order them online. This is a convenient and cost-effective way of getting your daily recommended serving of vitamins, minerals, and proteins.