Discover Why This is No Longer a Pipe Dream

Did you know that our DNA cells receive about 10,000 hits from the free radicals every single day? As the free radicals do such a lot of damage and inhibit cell renewal, you can imagine the havoc they wreak in the whole body and particularly on our skin. With attacks from the free radical guerrillas going on, it seems that soft & beautiful skin may be a pipe dream.

But it is not all bad news! We have our own supply of built in antioxidants to fight these and they are called glutathione and dismutase, just to name two of them. We can of course eat antioxidant foods by beefing up our quantities of fruit, vegetables, whole wheat grains and nuts and reducing our intake of processed foods. These will certainly help to keep the supply of antioxidants at a reasonable level. This will have an effect on soft & beautiful skin and many people underestimate the role of diet in skincare.

One of the great breakthroughs in skincare some years ago was the discovery of the enzyme called C0Q10 which also acts as a powerful source of antioxidants. It is actually present in our own cells so the idea of increasing an intake of this vital enzyme seemed like a great idea to realize the dream of having soft & beautiful skin.

The only problem was being able to process it in such a way as to penetrate the skin and here, a nano emulsion form of this enzyme had to be developed at considerable cost. That was achieved by a company and they patented it as Nano Lipobelle HE Q10.

Results were remarkable in tests and because of its penetrating ability, collagen and elastin, essential in keeping skin firm, was increased. That means that it has a powerful effect on fine lines and wrinkles.

The overall result was that soft & beautiful skin was no longer a pipe dream. Although I cannot tell you the name of the company here, I can tell you that they have developed other ingredients, all working in synergy, which make their products unique. I have prepared a special website to tell you all their products. Why not click through and see for yourself?