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About Natural Healthy Skin Care

skin careIt is the dream of the vast majority of women to have a beautiful, glowing skin. Many people just think negatively and think this will never be possible for them. Think positively, it is possible to have a beautiful complexion. While it may be not to the same extent than the top beauties, you may still reach your goal in a way and have a skin of which you can be proud of. Healthy skin care which is effective and scientific can do wonders for your beauty and can give you a glowing and vibrant skin naturally. This article shall provide you with some closely guarded secrets of natural healthy skin care that shall make you young again!

Healthy skin care is to the skin what food is to the body. A natural healthy skin care regimen can go a long way in keeping you free from aging signs like wrinkles, saggy skin, age spots and dark uneven complexion. In fact, it can give you back young skin which is naturally glowing.

The selection of the right skin care products is paramount if we want to have healthy skin. You should be vigilant as not all products available in the market are of a genuine quality. There are lot of them which are made up of harmful chemicals that can do long term damage to even those who have healthy skin at present.

We hear a lot of hype these days on “natural” and “organic” products for healthy skin. Now, because applying these words to the products makes them sell so fast, they are highly abused words and are used indiscriminately on skin care products. They may contain harmful ingredients also. Thus you need to scrutinize deeply the ingredients that are contained in the skin care products that you are using.

You need to be watchful against these toxic substances which are clinically proven to cause widespread harm to our healthy skin –

1) Mineral Oils – These moisturize the skin for a temporary period. Then they end up clogging the pores and causing skin allergies, irritation, inflammation and acne eruptions. They are used because they are cheap. They are very harmful for long term skin health.

2) Parabens – These are used to increase the shelf life of anti aging products. A higher shelf life does not improve the quality or effectiveness of the product, it just fattens the profits of the product manufacturers.

Parabens cause cancer. They also cause disruptions in estrogen levels of females.

3) Fragrances – They are used to give a nice smell to skin care products. But as they are made from artificial harmful chemicals, they cause a lot of problems like allergies, irritation and disrupt the normal functioning of the central nervous system.

There are many more hazardous chemicals that are being used in so called “healthy skin care” products. You should avoid them as much as possible in the products that you purchase.

Just as important it is to safeguard and prevent our skin from such evil villains, it is also advisable to provide our skin such natural substances which are rich in vitamins and naturally skin rejuvenation properties, as a part of healthy skin care regimen.

One of such amazing natural substances that I have discovered after years of research is Phytessence Wakame. It is an extract of a special type of Japanese sea kelp. It is one the best kept healthy skin care anti aging secrets of Japan.

Phytessence Wakame is rich in vitamin B complex which includes vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and it also has lots of calcium, iron and potassium. It works very well in anti aging and gives smooth creamy complexioned skin. It is anti inflammatory, improves skin moisture and elasticity.

It is a powerful antioxidant. Its unique feature lies in the fact that it helps preserve the hyaluronic acid in our body. This acid works together with the youth giving proteins in our body called collagen and elastin, to give us a soft, supple and pliant looking healthy skin.

A Healthy way of living is important to have a beautiful skin, but you can further improve it by buying products from a company that sells excellent products and that suits your particular skin type. Estheticans that are experts in their field can help you with questions.

I want to suggest a all-in-one process of three simple steps. Firstly use a product to remove makeup, cleanse and tone in one step. Secondly, make use of a product that moisturizes your skin properly and the third one for use as a light surface-layer. Use it during the day and night.

When using a cleanser, it must kept the hydrolipidic blance of the epidermis. The cleanser must remove impurities, water-proof makeup and also be a effective shaving gel to lessen irritation. The process is first to lightly moisten the skin, apply a small amount on the face, neck and eyes and lastly emulsify and rinse with lukewarm water.

Extracts are used when the skin condition is mature and dehydrated. You can use extracts in the day and evening. When using extracts correctly it will stimulate cell rejuvenation, prevent dehydration at deeply wrinkled skin parts, reinforcing the natural lipidic barriers, stimulates the exchange of nutrients and oxygen at the cellular level thus improving cell regenaration and effective to treat areas such as eye contours, neck and mouth. Apply it on clean skin using a thin layer.

Gells can be used as an depth moisturizer that gives the skin an improvement by strengthening the collagen fibers in the dermis. It also slows skin aging down and there are products for all skin types. Moisture in the skin is maintained by gells.

Masks are used when the skin is dehydrated, senescent and the complexion dull and blotchy. There are several positive effects when using masks correctly:

– The bonds that withhold the dead cells together in the epidermis are weakened.
– A Smoother – and brighter complexion.
– Lesser discoloration, deep wrinkles and fine lines.
– Cellular regeneration increases and anti-wrinkle treatments are reinforced.
– The skin looks more radiant with a healthy glow.

Use it once a week especially during Spring or Autumn, avoid using it in extreme weather conditions. Before using it the skin must be cleansed.

Moisturizers protect the skin against negative environmental conditions. The skin are allowed to breathe freely by the non-comedogenic ingrediants and at the same time it is protected against external pollutants. Use it after the nourishing products and apply on the face, neck and eye contours. You may use a small quantity and there will be more sensation of lightness.

Scrubs and exfoliants lessen the appearance of discolorations, fine lines and deep wrinkles together with the stimualtion of cell regeneration. Use it when your skin is dehydrated and blotchy. The skin must first be cleansed, then apply a small quantity on the face and neck, leave for about 120 seconds, then gently emulsify and rinse.

It is possible to have a beautiful skin, go ahead and do something, be positive and live healthy. It forms part of most effective healthy skin care creams. These are the kind of natural substances that you should look for in skin care products that are scientifically proven to give you the firm, young and healthy skin that you were always looking for.